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                Environmental Policy

                Basic Concept for environment:

                 As one of auto-motor brake hose manufacturers, Meiji Qingdao has been fully aware of the interwoven connection between natural environment with corp business running and production activities, actively launching activities of environmental protection,all members of which have been fulfilling the responsibilities of making the products without any pollution to environment, and dedicating to improve the environment of earth.


                Basic Corp Policy for environment:

                1. Confirming the influential factors to environment, setting target of protecting environment and periodically revising so as to persistently improve and prevent environmental pollution.

                2. Complying with laws and regulations as well as other requirements related to environment of nation.

                3. Lessening castoff to advance the resource being used in way of efficiency and recycle.  

                4. promoting energy conservation activities in order to avoid global warming. 5. Promoting the replacement of the existing substances harmful to environment,and lessening the discharge of pollutants.

                   2018 Environmental report download